Owning a home in Puerto Vallarta!

Stepping onto the sandy beach from the backyard of your new home in Nuevo Vallarta will be a dream come true. Enjoying the cool breeze from the balcony of your luxury condo in South Shore will be a nightly treat. Walking a few short blocks from your affordable residence to the nightlife on the boardwalk in Zona Romantica will be favorite pass time. Buying and selling homes in Puerto Vallarta is easy when you work with the professionals at Boardwalk Realty. Their team already lives the life you desire and they know where to find that perfect home in Puerto Vallarta that meets all the items on your wish list. The experts at Boardwalk Realty are ready to help you “Buy a condo, get a lifestyle!”

Living Your Dream For Less in Puerto Vallarta

The colorful mix of old world charm and sophisticated beauty awaits you here. Whether you are seeking gorgeous beaches, stunning sunsets, jungle trails, a quiet escape or a vibrant nightlife, you will find it all in Puerto Vallarta.

The strength of the US Dollar makes a luxury lifestyle and modern healthcare in Puerto Vallarta affordable. The active ex-patriot community blends seamlessly with the warm and friendly local residents.

This vibrant city with a small town atmosphere offers all the modern amenities foreigners could wish for. You’ll find intimate shops showcasing local crafts and upscale fashions plentiful as you stroll along the Malecon. Internet cafes and art galleries are close by and you are never far from fine dining restaurants or street-side food vendors with delicious treats. Whether you’re looking for a new business venture or an outdoor adventure you will find it all in this Puerto Vallarta paradise.