Buying Real Estate in Puerto Vallarta

Having expert advice from the agents at Boardwalk Realty, who understand the laws of owning property in Puerto Vallarta, Mexico, is a necessity when buying or selling a home, land or commercial property.

Puerto Vallarta is in Mexico’s restricted zone. When a foreigner purchases property here they must place it in a bank trust known as a “Fideicomiso”. The agreement requires a permit from the Mexican Ministry of Foreign Affairs. A Mexican bank will act as a Trustee when the title of the property is transferred to it. The property is your asset, not the bank’s asset. As Beneficiary, you have the same rights, use and enjoyment as a Mexican National and you may sell or rent the property without restrictions.

With the help of an experienced professional at Boardwalk Realty every aspect of your real estate transactions in Puerto Vallarta will proceed smoothly, including:

  • Property Search and Tour
  • Offer Writing and Presentation
  • Escrow and Closing Process
  • Service and Assistance after the Sale

You will be responsible for providing photo identification, personal contact information, instructions on how you wish to hold the property and your wishes for distribution of the property in your estate. We will provide recommendations for institutions that will lock in administrative fees, those with English speaking representatives and offer another set of trained eyes to review your deed and documents. When you are ready to buy real estate in Puerto Vallarta, Mexico please contact your friends in the business at Boardwalk Realty. Reach us by phone at 322-224-0014 or email us today.